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End-of-Line test

The central quality check at the end of line has to make sure that the vehicle has been manufactured according to the manufacturer specification and has been configured according to the customer requirements. For a typical vehicle check with operator interaction (e.g. manual operation of switches, visual inspections, control of external test stands, etc.), DSA offers diagnostic solutions which are a combination of PC, VCI and display for operator guidance, e.g. the Multi-Function Tester MFT-3.  An MFT-3 can work self-sufficiently and can be extended with external measurement technology e.g. for checking electric loads (ICP-3).

The DSA runtime system can alternatively run on off-the-shelf hardware (e.g. laptops, tablets, etc.) with an external VCI.

Results of this check are both the result data that are sent to the PRODIS.Server and the test protocol that documents the vehicle state and defects, if applicable.

Additionally, the use of a Multi-Function Tester provides the possibility to extend the quality check with value-adding background activities like flash programming and coding.


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