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With the rapidly accelerating demand for e-mobility, battery cell manufacturers are constantly seeking to improve output speeds while still maintaining consistent quality.

Substandard battery cells significantly decrease the overall performance of a high voltage battery module or pack leading to potentially hazardous operations modes, as well as increased total cost of ownership (TCO) resulting from recall campaigns.

Future proof quality management of battery modules and packs requires reliable “as-is” battery testing of battery cell level. High production rates of lithium-ion cells combined with a complex cell chemistry pose significant challenges for robust production quality management. DSA offers a test system solution to meet these challenges.

With our automated rapid cell-testing and sorting solution, manufacturers enjoy the benefits of expedited quality inspection enabling them to produce superior, high-performing modules consistently and effectively, while simultaneously protecting against critical problems during operational use.


Commercial Vehicles

The quality of the individual battery cells determines the performance and lifetime of the battery pack. For this reason, the quality test of each battery cell is of great importance.

Battery packs are the centerpiece of an electric vehicle and at the same time its most cost-intensive component. To optimize the performance of the battery pack, the greatest possible homogeneity among the battery cells used is of great importance.


  • Flexible solution for all common cell types such as round, pouch and prismatic cells
  • Tests of different battery cell chemistries are supported
  • Efficient battery cell testing thanks to completely automated process sequence
  • Highly accurate quality sorting in configurable number of quality classes
  • Scalable number of test items per overall test cycle
  • Performance of internal resistance measurement with AC, scalability up to 20 frequencies possible

Rapid Cell-Testing

On the level of cell production the cell tester is designed to perform End-Of-Line tests. Based on the test results the aging process time can be reduced by checking the cell quality.

In battery module and pack production the cell tester ensures the cell quality management and offers the option to cluster the cells by quality ranking.

The data on cell quality collected during the tests will form the basis for the future life cycle management of high-voltage energy carriers.

Integrated Real-Time EIS Measurement

Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) is a fast, non-intrusive measurement that provides access to vast amounts of battery cell information.

In contrast to the conventional EIS, our solution generated battery cell fingerprints, using the only real-time EIS testing operation on the market, resulting in cycle times being radically reduced, with the added benefit of providing manufacturers with lifetime and performance KPI data overviews measured prior to assembly.

Automation by S4 International

The automation of the picking, placing and sorting processes is performed automatically, thus the handling time is reduced to a minimum. The automated testing solution is completely scalable from prototype cell-testing and small-series cell production up to full large-scale manufacturing.

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