Vehicle Operation Data Analytics

The introduction of new technologies such as electrified powertrains and the intense competition on the automotive market requires a deep understanding of the vehicle operation on the road.  Gathering field data from the vehicle enables the OEM to gain insight on its performance to provide predictive maintenance, find the root cause of problems and continuously improve the product.

To achieve a complete understanding of the vehicle operation, it is required to gather data from diverse sources, establish strategies for data storage and provide analytics tools to make sense of the data.

DSA provides software modules running on the vehicle that leverage the expertise in diagnostics to gather health data and decoded telemetry & bus trace logs from the electronic control units on the vehicle. This information is automatically transmitted to the OEM’s cloud system.

A REST based API provides access to the complete vehicle fleet. The Skylyze suite of solutions provides data analytics to make sense of the data, but it is also possible to access the information from 3rd Party tools.

With the additional data sources from DSA Production & Workshop Operation solutions, the PRODIS tool suite provides a complete picture of the vehicle to support engineering continuously improve its design, find the root cause of problems in the field and provide predictive maintenance to fleet operators and end users.

Discover potential failures in the field before they occur, saving time and money for the end-customers in their mission critical operations.

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