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Easily visualize real-time telemetry and vehicle health of the complete fleet for operation transparency.

To make sense of data gathered from the vehicle, the Connected Vehicle Monitoring & Analysis tool provides an easy way to visualize telemetry information and vehicle health & system information stored in the cloud system.  With an easy to use interface and powerful visualization possibilities, analyzing the performance of the vehicles in the field becomes easy.

The modular approach of the application allows integrating the data into other fleet management and data analytics applications by invoking the comprehensive vehicle twin API that powers the graphic visualization.

Commercial Vehicles

Gather real-time data of the performance of your machinery & equipment

Monitor your commercial vehicle fleet for potential problems.

Easily visualize the data of your vehicle fleet with attractive visualization options.


  • Easily visualize the data of your complete fleet with easy to understand graphics and maps
  • Use different information sources such as Vehicle Health and Telemetry data
  • Compare values & vehicle performance in real time


  • immediate visualization
    Information gathered from the vehicle is made available on the application as soon as it is received.
  • Compare using different value axes
    Each value can be mapped using different value axes and with a modifiable time range.
  • Decoded Telemetry & Health Information
    All values in the cloud are fully decoded and ready to be used.
  • Comprehensive API
    Integrate your own solution by invoking the REST API directly.

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