PRODIS.TrueBattery turns the spotlight on safety testing before commissioning high-voltage batteries

To ensure many years of reliable operation in electric vehicles, high-voltage batteries are subjected to thorough functional and safety tests before they are finally installed in the vehicle. It is relevant that both the mechanical and electrical features of each individual battery are tested and the results are documented in a revision-proof manner.

PRODIS.TrueBattery supports the testing of the high-voltage battery for safety-relevant configuration and assembly errors as well as for defective components. For this purpose PRODIS.TrueBattery performs the necessary high voltage insulation tests and measures e.g. the internal resistance of the high voltage battery by means of high current discharge and charge cycles. Optionally, faulty connections between individual battery modules can be identified thermographically using intelligent image analysis.

Another important aspect for the safe operation of the high-voltage battery is the testing of further safety-relevant components. PRODIS.TrueBattery performs a leakage check of the cooling circuit to prevent possible damage inside the battery caused by leaking coolant. On the other hand, PRODIS.TrueBattery verifies the housing integrity of the high-voltage battery. Both leakage and leakage of liquids can cause serious damage to the high-voltage battery and especially to the environment.

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