PRODIS.SOVD: the diagnostic stack for today's and tomorrow's vehicle electronics

With PRODIS.SOVD, DSA offers a diagnostic stack for the upcoming generation of High-Performance Computer Units (HPC), which can also be used for existing vehicle electronics based on classic ECUs. The basis for it is the new diagnostic standard SOVD (Service-Oriented Vehicle Diagnostics). As a founding member of ASAM, DSA played a key role in developing the standard.

The SOVD standard defines an API for remote and workshop vehicle diagnostics that can be applied in a number of ways. PRODIS.SOVD enables consistent access to the diagnostic content of HPCs and their associated applications, as well as to conventional ECUs. In doing so, PRODIS.SOVD supports full remote diagnostic access to the vehicle and offers features such as OTA, feature-on-demand, as well as remote support and repair.

PRODIS.SOVD aligns the vehicle electronics software update function based on the Uptane standard with digital vehicle lifecycle management (PRODIS.LCM). This enables OEMs to implement a fully UNECE SUMS-compliant OTA solution. Alternatively, PRODIS.SOVD can be integrated into existing OTA solutions.

PRODIS.SOVD uses the proven PRODIS.MCD server for diagnostics of classic ECUs, which is operated with ODX data proven in production. For HPCs, a standard implementation is used. With OEM specific plugins all components of an HPC can be diagnosed.

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