PRODIS.PlantHUB and WDI-2X at Audi Ingolstadt

The path towards Industry 4.0 is well underway. The digitalization of vehicle, workers, machines and processes with our new PlantHUB solution is in operation to support the assembly of the highly successful AUDI products in Ingolstadt.  DSA is proud to be a technology partner with Audi to support their constant strive for innovation in the area of efficient manufacturing processes.

The new filling stations at the Audi Ingolstadt plant rely on its partnership with DSA. The DSA WDI-2X Diagnostics interface performs vehicle communication wirelessly using the production WiFi infrastructure.  The DSA Runtime System PRODIS.RTS runs on the stationary edge devices installed in the filling station.  The runtime interprets diagnostic data and implements diagnostic applications. The WDI-2X VCIs (Vehicle Communication Interface) are plugged into the vehicle before the cars enter the filling station, travel with them until the end of the filling process and are then transported back automatically to the beginning of the process.

Audi uses our control and visualization tool PRODIS.PlantHUB for tracking the pairing between WDI-2X and connected vehicle and to associate the interfaces dynamically to RTS instances. The overall status can be monitored in the graphical user interface (GUI) of PRODIS.PlantHUB. For worker interaction, large screens show the RTS GUI as well as additional status information from all necessary devices and resources.

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