PRODIS Completeness Check in the Paperless Factory

With the ongoing digitization of vehicle production, the paperless documentation of all production steps and test results replaces the printouts and accompanying documents used so far. In the paperless factory, all test results generated at the process locations are centrally managed on a server or in the cloud. This creates a digital twin of the vehicle. As a result, all recorded information on the quality status of the vehicle is available at any location within the production line.

The PRODIS.CompletenessCheck as a digital check for completeness makes sure that a vehicle corresponds to the defined and expected status during the production process. The testing of vehicle completeness to achieve the specified quality status is based on process locations, commissioning, and test plans, as well as test modules.

At each process location, the results of the process steps are verified again. Incomplete results can thus be repeated automatically. This ensures that all required process steps are performed completely, and that commissioning is error-free and complete.

The clear definition of objectives results in improved orientation for the workers within the work steps and thus in a lower error rate in the execution of tasks. The completely paperless and digitally documented process allows traceable quality control throughout the entire production process. Overall, there are fewer delays or interruptions, and working in the line becomes more ergonomic, less error-prone and more efficient.

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