Premiere at Battery Show 2022: DSA introduces testing solutions for battery cells and battery packs

For the first time, DSA will participate as an exhibitor at the international trade fair Battery Show Europe in Stuttgart from June 28-30, 2022. For the premiere, DSA showcases an automated solution for efficient quality testing of battery cells as well as the High Voltage Battery Tester (HVBT) for end-of-line testing. Both solutions are part of DSA's Battery Life Cycle Management approach and will be presented at booth F-44 in hall 6.

Automated battery cell tester in a live presentation at the booth

The quality of each individual battery cell significantly affects the overall performance of a high-voltage battery module or pack in which it will be integrated. Cells of varying quality can lead to potentially dangerous modes of operation as well as increased total cost of ownership (TCO) due to recalls.
With the automated rapid cell-testing and sorting solution, manufacturers enjoy the benefits of expedited quality inspection enabling them to produce superior, high-performing modules consistently and effectively, while simultaneously protecting against critical problems during operational use. Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) is a fast, non-intrusive measurement that provides access to vast amounts of battery cell information.

Suitable solution for end-of-line testing of high-voltage batteries

The high-voltage battery is the heart of every electric vehicle. At the same time, it is the most expensive and technically most sensitive component in E-mobility. It is therefore important to test each individual battery for its safety-relevant electrical functions before installing it in the vehicle and to record the test results in audit-proof documentation. This ensures cost-efficient battery installation and reliable battery operation in the electric vehicle.

The High Voltage Battery Tester (HVBT) from DSA offers reliable test processes for checking the safety-related specifications and functions for high-voltage battery packs and modules. The HVBT is a modular system whose functions can be individually combined according to customer requirements and test location. The HVBT system is integrated into the customer's functional safety systems in the assembly process.

Battery life cycle management

The test results documented during quality testing and the data collected over the entire life of the battery form the basis for battery life cycle management. On this basis, concepts can be developed for health status evaluation, lifespan prognosis and the remaining operating time capacity of a high-voltage battery. Information that are important when it comes to main technical inspection and value evaluation of electric vehicles.

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