Perspectives for future vehicle diagnostics standards

Vehicle manufacturers (OEMS) need to respond increasingly to the fast-paced evolution of vehicle hardware. In addition, the focus of manufacturers is shifting from individual drivers as a target group to mobility as a service in general with a significant impact on the diagnostic functions in vehicles. Not only because of legal requirements are the associated diagnostic protocols becoming more standardized. The required exchangeability of ECUs and the diagnostic hardware needed for them also calls for standardized procedures.

The new DSA White Paper 'Service Oriented Vehicle Diagnostics (SOVD)' introduces the upcoming standard. Changes in vehicle hardware, infrastructure, usage profiles and the continuous increase in software complexity create a need for new diagnostic interfaces. Diverse use cases for SOVD range from advanced in-vehicle diagnostics and shop diagnostics to remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance. The technical details in the DSA White Paper describe ideas on how interfaces for accessing services can be implemented. Sketches for the insides are also presented, which include a classic diagnostic adapter to connect today's UDS-based ECUs to the more abstract SOVD services.

Request the new White Paper and learn about the future standard's prospects for OEMs.

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