Outstanding after-sales increases customer loyalty

Customer-oriented processes, perfect service quality and on-time completion - this is what workshop managers score with their customers. These goals are achieved by an after-sales concept that supports smooth and efficient repair and maintenance services for all aspects of the car from the customer's and the service staff's point of view.

DSA supports the entire after-sales service process, including vehicle reception, with intelligent diagnostic tools. OEMs are given the opportunity to create the necessary applications via a central authoring system in order to test, code, flash and repair the vehicle electronics in service workshops.

Regardless of where in the world a vehicle arrives at the workshop, thanks to the cloud based DSA distribution platform, the latest vehicle data and repair logs can be accessed. The upcoming diagnostics and repairs are designed as guided processes for the workshop employees. This significantly increases service quality. In addition, the time required for the service is reduced.

DSA offers the overall concept for a smooth, up to date after-sales service, which significantly increases customer satisfaction and thus customer loyalty.

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