Global Supper - DSA supports art installation in the course of the Aachen Karlspreis Ceremony

As part of its wide sponsoring activities in the Aachen region, DSA is supporting the art installation "Global Supper" as one of the main sponsors. On the occasion of the Charlemagne Prize (Karlspreis) 2023, the installation by the artist Lilli Muller will be presented for ten days in the cloister of the Aachen Cathedral. With this action, the artist wants to draw attention to the worldwide economic inequalities and calls on people to sit down together at one table. The intention is to bring people together and to initiate a dialogue through this extraordinary supper.

The occasion for bringing the event to Aachen is the ceremony of the Aachen Karlspreis, the internationally recognized prize for the European idea of peace and freedom in a united Europe. The "Global Supper", co-sponsored by DSA, is one of multiple events around the Aachen Karlspreis.

As a long-term sponsor of the Karlspreis, DSA is once again meeting its social responsibility as a successful Aachen-based company by supporting the "Global Supper" event. For many years, DSA has shown social commitment beyond its business activities. In this way, DSA also supports the preservation of the cultural heritage in Aachen, the company's headquarters. With its sponsoring activities, DSA supports the strengthening of social cohesion. This includes not only the promotion of social, medical, and scientific institutions, but also the support of projects to strengthen the European community spirit.

You can see the "Global Supper" daily from 08 to 18 May 2023 from 10:00 to 18:00 in the cloister of Aachen Cathedral. Admission is free.

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