Easy and secure management of flash data

As the number of connected vehicles on the road continues to grow, so do the cybersecurity requirements. With the regulations for cyber security management systems (CSMS) and for software update management systems (SUMS), the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) has created clear directives for effective protection against manipulation. For OEMs, this results in the need to set up appropriate systems that comply with the current regulations.

With a new feature in the authoring tool PRODIS.Authoring, DSA supports OEMs in creating and managing flash data packages from ODX-F and related HEX files. All files and packages are versioned during the upload process and saved permanently. This allows users and auditors to track at a moment’s notice which packages were created at which time, and what data is contained in these packages.
As a result, manual processes for versioning, managing and distributing ODX flash data are automated. This not only reduces errors, but also increases efficiency in the creation and management of versioned Flash projects.

The new feature is integrated into the existing PRODIS system landscape. It is operated via an embedded user interface in PRODIS.Authoring. As well as supporting the creation of complete packages, it also supports incremental packages. Incremental packages build on already created packages. This speeds up the creation process, reduces the size of packages and thus minimizes the amount of data being transferred.

Learn more about the PRODIS.Authoring tool and its capabilities for creating and managing diagnostic data and test sequences in aftersales.

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