DSA presents ultra-compact high-performance interface DE-4

The new Smart Edge Device DE-4 provides a technological bridge between conventional test systems and the integration of diagnostic processes into the vehicle. With an optional Remote-Control App as a test application, the compact DE-4 can run stand-alone if required. It is flexible in its use, either as a "conventional" Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI) or as a stand-alone device running a tester. As a future diagnostic interface, the DE-4 is 5G-ready.

Vehicle Communication Interface for intelligent circulations

In its function as a VCI, the DE-4 is the gateway into the vehicle for physical or virtual testers in vehicle production and in workshops. In this context, it creates the connection between the vehicle's electronic wiring system and an external diagnostic application. An integrated capacitor covers possible times without external supply and ensures continuous operation of the application. Thus, in production, the device can remain connected to the vehicle over several cycles as a circulating adapter for continuous non-located vehicle diagnostics. Time-consuming and hence cost-intensive reconnection is no longer necessary.

The use of the adapter in combination with the control and visualization tool PRODIS.PlantHUB increases the flexibility of production and saves costs. Vehicle manufacturers can dynamically implement intelligent circulations by effectively using prolonged hang times along the production line for diagnostics.

Smart adapter with local process execution

The smart DE-4 promises even more. Thanks to an integrated tester with a display option via the Remote-Control App, in the next phase of development it will be able to run on its own and perform test sequences autonomously. This makes it attractive for further applications. With its high-performance processor and a powerful storage medium, flash jobs will be possible directly on the device regardless of WLAN stability. Through visualization via the app, it is then autonomously applicable for flash campaigns and software updates.

Gateway into the world of Service Oriented Vehicle Diagnostics (SOVD)

In ongoing development, the DE-4 will serve as a data storage device for SOVD use cases and offer data to the vehicle for download. This will be combined with the option to start SOVD scopes in the vehicle and use them for diagnostics. With the PRODIS.SOVD server installed, the device serves as a gateway between SOVD and classic OBD diagnostics. This enables the use of a modern SOVD-based solution in after-sales, including stock vehicles.

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