DSA presentation at trendsetting ELIV Congress in Bonn, Germany

From October 20-21, 2021, DSA participated again on the ELIV (Electronics in Vehicles) Congress in Bonn, Germany with  a presentation by Dr. Oliver Meyer. The highly recognized congress for automotive electronics offers vehicle manufacturers and suppliers the opportunity to exchange views on innovations, developments, and problems in automotive electronics in expert panels. For many years, the ELIV congress has been setting trends and creating essential decision-making bases for the automotive industry.

Two years ago, DSA first reported on a standard for service-oriented vehicle diagnostics (SOVD) that meets the requirements of the connected vehicle and high-performance computer diagnostics. This year's DSA presentation will focus on the development status of the service-oriented vehicle diagnostics (SOVD) presented by DSA and the expected publication of the standard in 2022, describing not only the technical implementation of the use cases addressed by SOVD, but above all discussing the question whether SOVD will fully meet the requirements for diagnostics, maintenance and life cycle management.


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