DSA launches the new diagnostic and telematics unit VCG-2

The telematics and diagnostics unit VCG-2 (Vehicle Connectivity Gateway) proves to be a true all-rounder among the telematics units. The device establishes a connection between the vehicle and different web portals. Via portal, the status information of the vehicle can be retrieved, and vehicle actions can be triggered remotely. It enables advanced connectivity use-cases like remote- and in-vehicle diagnostics, predictive maintenance, and over-the-air updates of the whole vehicle.

Fleet Management

The VCG-2 acts as the central connectivity gateway between the vehicle and the outside world. Its various hardware interface like CAN, WLAN, RS232, digital and analogue inputs/outputs, 1-wire are allowing a high degree of flexibility to reach an advanced connectivity level within the vehicle.

A state-of-the art LTE modem ensures reliable mobile connection. Along with the GPS-position, the wide scope of data retrieved by the VCG-2 can be displayed in various fleet managements portals.


As the world’s leading provider of diagnostics solutions, DSA integrates the core diagnostic applications on the VCG-2. The unit can execute UDS- and DoIP-services making use of the ODX and OTX-standards.

Operations like coding, flashing, calibration and DTC-readout can now be done “over-the-air” instead of being done at a dealer’s workshop.

The continuous monitoring of the vehicle data allows the VCG-2 to recognize anomalies and such preventing the vehicle owner or fleet manager for an upcoming maintenance action.

App-based module software

DSA provides an SDK (Software Development Kit) to its customers. Individual apps can be developed and deployed in a modular way to the fleet.

Find out more about the new VCG-2 diagnostic and telematics unit and get in touch with our sales team.

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