DSA launches Automotive Electronics Solutions on Microsoft Azure Marketplace, Showcased at CES® 2024

Life Cycle Management of Connected Vehicles
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As a leading provider of innovative and customizable solutions for automotive electronics, DSA unveils its latest offerings on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Experience our showcase at the most powerful tech event in the world, CES® 2024, taking place Jan. 9-12, in Las Vegas!

The complexity of modern vehicle electronics poses significant challenges for OEMs, especially with the rise of software-defined vehicles. DSA offers innovative solutions to navigate these challenges effectively, aligned to Microsoft’s Connected Fleets reference architecture:

  • LCM – Comprehensive Vehicle Lifecycle Management

DSA’s Lifecycle Management Solution PRODIS.LCM covers all aspects of a vehicle’s diagnostic lifecycle, from the initial diagnostic development to the post-sale diagnostic maintenance.

PRODIS.LCM complements off-the-shelf product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions by managing all ECUs and HPCs in a vehicle fleet, their configuration and firmware based on option or feature codes, as well as distributing updates as campaigns to the vehicles. Campaigns are executed over-the-air or in the workshop. After the OTA update, the new as-maintained state of the vehicle is reported back. As PRODIS.LCM acts as the "single source of truth”, the complete history of a vehicle is known, and unauthorized changes can be detected and reported.

  • DriveRecorder – Streamlining Vehicle Data Analysis

Today, vehicle manufacturers and engineering service providers make use of PC-based solutions to test, calibrate, fine-tune, and validate vehicle functions during the engineering phase of vehicle test drive. The recorded data is often not collected in a central, structured database.

DSA offers a solution that enables remote recording of vehicle data with the possibility to collect it in a single data lake, helping the R&D engineers to do their job faster and with less effort. On the vehicle side, the solution consists of e.g. the DSA VCG-2 advanced telematics unit which can extract vehicle data, such as CAN-bus traffic and vehicle health information. A lightweight telemetry platform receives the vehicle data from the fleet. Customers are free to choose the analytics tools and capabilities that best suit their use cases, such as Azure Data Explorer.

Both solutions will debut on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace in Q1 2024 and be featured at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. Working with Microsoft and other partners from the Connected Fleets ecosystem, Microsoft will also be showing a demo to its customers demonstrating how information from multiple sources - including from DSA solutions - can be seamlessly merged for analytics, fleet dashboards, and AI assistance.

About DSA

DSA Daten- und Systemtechnik GmbH specializes in innovative communication solutions for vehicle electronics. As a leading expert, DSA supplies modular software and hardware solutions for the entire life cycle of vehicles. In addition, DSA develops customized testing and diagnostic solutions for the development, production, and commissioning of high-voltage energy carriers. The core competence is the development of innovative solutions that enable vehicle manufacturers and service providers to meet the high-quality standards of their industry, optimize process times and make production processes leaner and more flexible. The company is headquartered in Aachen. Worldwide, DSA is represented by subsidiaries in the important automotive locations China, USA, Italy, Brazil, India and Mexico. The DSA Group currently employs more than 850 experts worldwide.


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