DSA facilitates variant management in after sales

For OEMs, the key measure of after-sales success is how effectively and efficiently the diagnostic processes are carried out in the service workshops. The efficient management of vehicle variations, which also affects vehicle electronics, is particularly important here. DSA offers with PRODIS.Authoring a unique solution that provides the OEMs with a high-performing variant management for the creation of diagnostic sequences.

There continues to be an unbroken trend towards a wide variety of vehicle equipment, and this is intensified further in the area of aftersales by the fact that automobiles are becoming more and more differentiated through customer-specific equipment, the installation of spare parts and the installation of the latest software versions. Consequently, OEMs face the challenge of continuously expanding and adapting the diagnostic processes required in aftersales to include these variations.

PRODIS.authoring as an authoring tool for the creation of maintenance and repair processes in after sales provides the functionality to add new variants to existing testing procedures. Thanks to the module-based approach of the tool, existing processes can be easily adapted to variant-specific conditions and integrated into the existing diagnostic application. The service workshops benefit from the fact that they always have access to the latest diagnostic processes within their familiar IT environment.

PRODIS.authoring thus ensures more efficiency in the creation and maintenance of diagnostic processes and OEMs significantly optimize costs and performance in the after sales area.

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