Challenges and opportunities for the commercial vehicle market

New DSA White Paper 'Connected Truck LCM Scenarios'.

Digitalization and new technologies are disrupting the commercial vehicle market. This poses numerous challenges for manufacturers (OEMs) of commercial vehicles. At the same time, it creates exciting opportunities. In a new white paper 'Connected Truck LCM Scenarios', DSA presents several use cases and perspectives for new products and services emerging from this development.

By digitizing and automating the operation of the vehicle fleet, commercial vehicle manufacturers will be able to offer expanded services and thus additional value to their customers. Not only do the use cases presented in the whitepaper have the potential to optimize the TCO for the end customer. They also offer OEMs the chance to create new profitable business models.

The focus here is on understanding the electronic vehicle life cycle based on operation data and diagnostics. After all, the data generated by OEMs provides the basis for new profitable products and services. However, taking advantage of these trends requires a transformation in how the OEMs manage the vehicle life cycle. To succeed, an ecosystem of partners is needed. With a wide range of products, DSA supports commercial vehicle manufacturers in implementing these new features and thus reduce time to market.

Request the new white paper and learn how OEMs can use connectivity as an enabler for new profitable business models.

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