Advancing the transport industry through cooperation

Mario Ortegón talking with Mike Gardner, Executive Director of eSync Alliance.

Earlier this year DSA decided to upgrade its membership in the eSync Alliance to play a more active role as a promoter. A couple of weeks later Mario Ortegón, Head of Strategy & Innovation Management, talked with Executive Director of the eSync Alliance Mike Gardner about the motivation and targets of DSA's upgraded membership in the alliance.

During this conversation, Mario Ortegón emphasized that a successful cooperation requires a mix of diverse perspectives. “For DSA, the eSync Alliance members have the right blend of capabilities to bring the transportation industry forward. The aim is to create a standard that accelerates the adoption of connected vehicle and reduces time to market for both new and established vehicle manufacturers”. As a company with decades of experience in vehicle commissioning for production and workshop operations, DSA contributes actively to this process.

An ambitious goal that can be achieved even better by combining DSA's many years of experience with the extensive knowledge of other Alliance members. As the world becomes ever more digital and integrated future opportunities will require cooperation with other actors in the transportation ecosystem. The benefits for all participants of the eSync Alliance: OEMs, software vendors, and Tier 1 suppliers, will enable new business opportunities for the future.

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