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The Future of the Automotive Industry: The Connected Car

Our solutions not only support processes in automobile production, but cover the entire life cycle of a vehicle, so to say "from Cradle to Grave".

Whether fleet operator or OEM—our telematics and connectivity solution provides a variety of exciting new services that not only increase the safety and reliability of vehicles by connecting the vehicle with the environment, but also offer a higher comfort and entertainment experience for the end customer.
And we have recently been able to present this live to various major customers from the automotive industry.

Vehicle Monitoring & Remote Diagnostics
Monitoring vehicles on the road to detect faulty systems or critical situations increases safety and saves time and money. Comprehensive real-time monitoring of operating data in combination with data analysis and predictive maintenance can significantly reduce the maintenance of vehicle fleets. With our intelligent hardware and software solutions, fleet operators and OEMs gain insights into the status and location of their vehicles on the road and are alerted to faulty conditions. Our connectivity solution not only helps them identify the need for vehicle maintenance. In addition, the driver can be made aware of problems even before they occur.

All data collected from the vehicle (CAN trace logs, vehicle condition, position, etc.) along with additional information from other sources (vehicle configuration, etc.) are documented in the Connected Vehicle Platform and can there be analyzed. Through clustering and multivariate analysis, the system can provide valuable insights that help to understand vehicle performance and identify possible relationships that indicate the root causes of problems.

Vehicle Health and System State
Our connected vehicle solution gives fleet operators and OEMs a comprehensive overview about the current condition of their vehicles. The vehicle periodically collects the information of all available electronic control units and generates a vehicle state and system state protocol. This includes for each vehicle:

  • Electronic identification: hardware and software part numbers, version and serial numbers
  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) and environmental data supporting the repair process before the vehicle reaches the workshop.

For OEMs, our portal and backend solution also provides the ability to define and execute software over-the-air updates for all ECUs in the vehicle, to do configuration changes or to perform remote diagnostics. So, problems can be proactively resolved in the field and significant time and cost savings can be achieved.

Are you interested? Then please contact us via sales@dsa.de for more information.

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The Future of the Automotive Industry: The Connected Car

Our solutions not only support processes in automobile production, but cover the entire life cycle... more