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New Sponsoring Project in Aachen: Garden Monument Kaiser-Friedrich-Allee

F.l.t.r.: Dr. Eckhard Schulz, Aachen's Environment Department Head Markus Kremer and Karen Roß-Kark from the Department of Environment. Photo: Stadt Aachen/Bernd Büttgens

After the Archaeological Showcase and the Kaiser-Friedrich-Park, Dr. Eckhard Schulz took up the next sponsoring project with the garden monument Kaiser-Friedrich-Allee.

The Kaiser-Friedrich-Allee was built up before the First World War and since 1994, the approx. 400 meters long and 40 meters wide green area in the middle of the avenue is a garden monument. But the green corridor between Kaiser-Friedrich-Park and Brüsseler Ring no longer appears how garden director Weßberge planned the connection between city and forest in the 1920s: Instead of a "varied valley basin", joggers and walkers pass dense undergrowth today and also the flowing Paubach can hardly be seen anymore.

Thanks to the donation of Dr. Eckhard Schulz, the garden monument will soon shine in new splendor. The DSA running group, who regularly enjoys sporty activities here, is also happy about this. Aim of the remediation measure is to renew the currently poor running or rather walking paths, to strengthen the park character considering ecological aspects and to emphasize the affiliation to the same-named park. For example, the areas of the green corridor will be partially cleared. On the new open spaces, flowering meadow seeds and also shear grasses will be sown and newly planted oak trees are supposed to re-establish the avenue character.

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