Next Vehicle Connectivity Gateway XCG

Off-HighwayCommercial Vehicles

A powerful telematics unit with a complete diagnostic interface for use in trailers, construction and agricultural machinery and commercial vehicles.

The XCG establishes the connection between the vehicle and different fleet management portals. The position and information of the brake system and cooling units are transmitted transparently and in real time.
With the standard function of reading tyre pressure sensors of different brands, the XCG device complies with current UN-ECE regulations and ensures safety and efficient fuel consumption.

Commercial Vehicles

Establishment of a connection between the vehicle and different fleet management portals for real-time transmission of the position as well as information from the brake system and cooling units.

Actions such as coding, flashing, calibration and DTC determination can be carried out "over-the-air", reducing time-consuming visits to the dealer workshop.


  • Cyclical transmission of the GPS position to different portals for efficient vehicle scheduling
  • Reading of relevant vehicle data via remote connection ( Wi-Fi/LTE)
  • Recording the machine status enables remote monitoring and preventive maintenance
  • Easy remote firmware updates via Firmware Update Over-the-Air (FOTA)
  • Integrated rechargeable battery ensures continuous transmission of position and status
  • Internal acceleration sensor detects movement for efficient theft protection
  • Linux-based operating system
  • Development environment with a modular, app-based software architecture for creating your own device applications.


Standard function for reading tyre pressure sensors of different brands in accordance with UN ECE regulation UN ECE R 141.

  • No additional tyre pressure monitoring system required
  • Different tyres and sensors in a fleet can be used optimally
  • Prevention of danger through early indication of tyre pressure drop
  • Optimised fuel consumption

The XCG has the following communication mechanisms:

  • LTE internet connection to the portal
  • GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO satellite position detection
  • WLAN and Bluetooth-LE for local diagnostics & additional functions
  • One-Wire, RS232, digital and analogue inputs for communication with sensors/signal transmitters
  • CAN and Ethernet for communication with control units and diagnostics
  • ISM receiver for 315 / 433 MHz, e.g. for direct connection of tyre pressure sensors.

More Features

  • Easy remote firmware update via Firmware Update Over-the-Air (FOTA)
  • Diagnosis and FOTA of connected control units
  • Extremely robust hardware and battery technology

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