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PRODIS.PDU is our powerful software library with the ISO 22900-2 standardized software interface for vehicle diagnostic communication (diagnostic protocol data unit, D-PDU API). Through standardized communication protocols and parameters, it supports the simple integration into diagnostic applications, especially in interaction with the standards MCD-3D (ISO 22900-3) and ODX (ISO 22901-1).

PRODIS.PDU is available in different variants for the operating systems Microsoft Windows (e.g. for Windows 10 in 32/64 Bit), QNX and various Linux platforms (e.g. i386, ARM, PowerPC) as well as for embedded platforms and control units.

For the diagnostic access to a vehicle, PRODIS.PDU needs a VCI (vehicle communication interface). Besides the DSA VCIs, it also supports a large number of bus interfaces from other manufacturers (further information on request). The TCP/IP connection to the VCI can be wired via LAN or USB, but also wireless via WLAN or Bluetooth. In the case of ISO UDS via DoIP (diagnostics over IP), a VCI is not necessarily required. Instead, the connection between the vehicle and the test computer can be established here via an Ethernet cable.

Commercial Vehicles

PRODIS.PDU supports commonly used standards in the Off-highway area.  It can also be extended to include proprietary communication protocols.

PRODIS.PDU supports commonly used standards in the commercial vehicle area. It can also be extended to include proprietary communication protocols

PRODIS.PDU supports commonly used standards in the passenger vehicle area.


  • Powerful communication interface
  • Parallel communication
  • Easy integration into diagnostic applications through standardized communication protocols and parameters
  • Available as 32 bit or 64 bit library for various operating systems and embedded platforms
  • DSA VCIs as well as third-party bus interfaces are supported

Supported protocols and standards

In addition to other customer-specific communication protocols and extensions, the following protocols considered in the ISO 22900-2 standard are supported:

  • KWP2000 on K-Line (ISO_14230_3_on_ISO_14230_2)
  • KWP2000 on CAN (ISO_14230_3_on_ISO_15765_2)
  • ISO UDS on CAN (ISO_15765_3_on_ISO_15765_2 / ISO_14229_3_on_ISO_15765_2)
  • ISO OBD on CAN (ISO_15031_5_on_ISO_15765_4)
  • Truck and Bus on CAN (SAE_J1939_73_on_SAE_J1939_21)
  • ISO RAW CAN (ISO_11898_RAW)
  • ISO UDS on DoIP (ISO_14229_5_on_ISO_13400_2)

Use Cases

Offboard Diagnostics with External Tester and VCI, e.g. in Production and Aftersales

The diagnostic application and the DSA D-PDU API library are executed on an external tester. For the diagnostic access to the vehicle, the tester connects via Ethernet, USB, WLAN or Bluetooth with the external DSA VCI (Vehicle Communication Interface), which is connected to the vehicle’s OBD socket. If several VCIs are available, the diagnostic application can select the desired VCI for use via the D-PDU API interface.
As an alternative to the external VCI, a VCI integrated into the vehicle can also be used, e.g. as part of our DSA Vehicle Connectivity Gateway (VCG).

Offboard Diagnostics External Tester without VCI, e.g. in Engineering

The DSA D-PDU API library running on the offboard tester integrates the DoIP protocol stack. As a result, no VCI or additional hardware is required for communicating with the vehicle. Instead, UDS on DOIP can be used directly from the test computer via an Ethernet connection. The prerequisite for this is that the vehicle supports DoIP.

Onboard Diagnostics

With onboard diagnostics, the diagnostic application runs in the vehicle itself within a control unit (ECU). In addition to the diagnostic application, the DSA D-PDU API library and various protocol stacks are integrated. As a tester, the ECU can thus communicate with other ECUs via its bus interface. In addition, functions such as flashing over-the-air (FOTA), coding over-the-air (COTA) and remote diagnostics become possible.

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