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DSA IdeaWorks

How Creative Ideas Become Innovative Products for the Future

Digitization of Automotive Industry

Digital technologies are integrated into our daily lives more and more quickly. To an unprecedented level, vehicle owners rely on technologies that ensure safety and comfort. In addition, there are services such as driver assistance systems, autonomous driving or connected vehicle functions, which are becoming increasingly important. Nowadays, the vehicle is part of a mobility experience that can be combined with home, work and multiple portable devices.

As leading experts in the development of innovative communication solutions for vehicle electronics, we are pioneers and providers of key technologies required for the increasing digitization of the automotive industry. That's why it's important for us to have our finger on the pulse of the time.

Our "IdeaWorks" Projects

Searching new solutions, testing, examining and at the same time still get a little more efficient: With our internal "IdeaWorks" projects, we have found a new way to turn clever ideas into reality and in doing so to face the challenges of the future. In our IdeaWorks projects, we need to develop innovative solutions for the future in an agile working team of diverse creative ideas—from building the first prototype to finalizing the new product.

Wearables for Automotive Production

With increasing digitization and demands arising from customized mass production, the production process of vehicles becomes more and more complex for the technical staff and thus more confusing. As part of an "IdeaWorks" project, our team developed a concept to replace our all-in-one on-line test device for vehicle diagnostics by a mobile test system to make production more ergonomic and safer: By means of wearable devices, such as smart glasses or tablets, production employees can initiate test bench cycles by remotely triggering the test device. Via these mobile devices, production employees receive important test information just in time and are able to move freely at the respective test location. This idea was developed in the further project progression from the concept phase and a prototype up to a product.

"Although having ideas is something that requires intelligence and creativity rather than time, bringing the ideas to work requires time and effort, especially if the field the idea points to is unknown or there is no previous experience."

Already at this year's automotive testing expo, the team proudly presented the first samples with smart glasses and tablets for the electronic assembly instruction, the correct part picking at the production line as well as for test bench tests and the visual inspection at the end of line. In addition, our team had the opportunity to present our prototypes at a future workshop of a renowned German commercial vehicle manufacturer.