Students visit DSA as part of the TechTour 2023

As part of the TechTour 2023 organised by REGINA e. V., international students from Aachen universities visited DSA to find out about career prospects in the IT and technology world. At their stopover, the participants gained an insight into the world of modern vehicle diagnostics and the current industry topic of the connected vehicle.

In a live demonstration of DSA's Connected Vehicle solution, guests learned about the important role that powerful software solutions play in the operation and maintenance of vehicles. With a vehicle parked outside the event room, visitors were given a vivid insight into the concept of the connected vehicle, which enables the maintenance of vehicles throughout their entire lifecycle. The future "techies", as they are called by the organisers, were impressed by the potential of modern IT in the vehicle industry. In the practical application presented, they were able to experience how, for example, the signals or windscreen wipers and - unmistakable for the colleagues in the offices - the horn could be activated via software access.

The tour was an excellent opportunity for the students to get an insight into the DSA world and to find out about job or internship opportunities. After the presentation, the DSA team answered the numerous questions of the prospective professionals from the fields of software and hardware development, as well as other technical areas.

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