From theory to practice - student workshop at DSA

As part of its long-standing collaboration with the Department of Software Engineering at RWTH Aachen University, at the end of January, DSA welcomed students to a multi-day practice workshop. The workshop formed the practical part of the lecture "The Digital Lifecycle of Vehicles as a part of the Internet of Things (IoT)". Over the course of three days, the students had the unique opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired in the lecture in practice.

Communication and data exchange with the vehicle

Working in groups, the students first tackled the challenge of sending messages from a sensor via the CAN bus to a Vehicle Connectivity Gateway (VCG) and visualising this data in a browser dashboard. For further tasks, a vehicle was available right outside the seminar room. The vehicle data was to be read out using ODX or SOVD and again visualised in the browser dashboard. Next, the car was to be controlled via the gateway in the reverse direction of communication, for example to activate the indicators or brake lights.

Communication and information exchange with DSA colleagues

During the workshop, the students were not only given the opportunity to put the content of the lecture into practice. They also had the chance to make initial contact with a software company from the automotive industry. This not only opens up the door to working as a student assistant or writing a master's thesis at the company, but also to starting a career at DSA later on.

We look forward to seeing the workshop participants again soon.




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