Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance allows notifying the driver of problems before they occur, avoiding critical problems in the field. Costly recalls for entire vehicle fleets can be avoided with a software update.

Predictive maintenance leverages the power of big data analytics. All data collected from the vehicle (CAN trace logs, vehicle state, position, etc.) together with additional information from other sources (vehicle configuration from marketing, engineering information, etc.) can be documented into specialized data storage. Using clustering and multivariate analysis, the system can provide insight into possible relationships that point to root causes of the problems.

Such relationships can be used to perform analysis, confirm issues and issue possible fixes. Based on this, drivers are automatically notified when such patterns are detected in the vehicle. A connection to a CRM system can also manage the relationship to the customers and automatically create an appointment with their favorite dealer

Ideally, problems can be solved by changing the vehicle configuration or software. For vehicles with online connectivity (e.g. via our VCG), a campaign for distributing a new software status to all affected vehicles can be defined (see Firmware Update Over-the-Air).

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