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10th International CTI Conference

At the 10th International CTI Conference in Stuttgart in April diagnostic experts from manufacturers and supplier companies met to share their experiences and latest developments. Topics were for example practical examples of... more


The Archaeological Showcase was opened

Do you remember? At the beginning of 2012, we reported that DSA enables the construction of the Archaeological Showcase with a donation. On April 18 it finally happened, the showcase  was opened in bright sunshine. Several... more


New Version of PRODIS.Authoring released

PRODIS.Authoring release 3.8 is enriched by a new big feature. Our Aftersales authoring tool now contains all functions to create and assign objects that are required for Guided Diagnostics in the DSA runtime environment... more


PRODIS.MCD makes DSA tool suite DoIP-ready

With the new product versions for production and Aftersales systems DSA took a step towards the future of diagnosis. With compatibility to new standards the door to diagnosis of an IP-networked vehicle has been pushed open. The... more


Integration and Rollout of an overall Aftersales Solution

DSA implements another overall Aftersales solution, this time for a well-known Chinese vehicle manufacturer. In 2012 we already equipped a new plant of this manufacturer with DSA production test equipment – now our test equipment... more


PRODIS.OET supports ODX 2.2.0

With release 1.1.3 the Open Engineering Tester PRODIS.OET is now able to process ODX 2.2.0 data.  So PRODIS.OET now supports all ODX versions in the market (ODX 2.0.1, ODX 2.1.0 und ODX 2.2.0). This was achieved by the... more



For the first time DSA has delivered a flash station that is able to program up to three engine control units of different vehicles in parallel and records the results in relation to the vehicle. Flash programming is controlled... more

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