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Wheel and Light Alignment and ADAS

For an overall vehicle assessment results from the wheel and light alignment as well as from the calibration of the advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are also required.

The test device requests different actions during the test bench coupling for the wheel alignment of the vehicle, e.g. the centering of the vehicle or the execution of an input measurement in order to record the chassis parameters.

When adjusting the headlights, the light collecting box of the test bench is positioned in front of the headlight to be set and its adjustment is carried out. The order of the setting is parameterized in the test sequence of the test system.

Likewise, the test system controls the calibration of the advanced driver assistance systems—from the request of the vehicle parameters such as body height and vehicle position on the test bench and the positioning of the calibration aids to the parallel implementation of the calibration processes in the control units of the driver assistance systems.

The coupling of the tester with the test bench’s control computer can take place via WLAN as well as via IR. The communication takes place via established communication protocols. The values transmitted by the test bench during the process are evaluated and documented.


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