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Testing and commissioning of high-voltage batteries

The high voltage battery is the most expensive and at the same time the most important component in electric vehicles. In view of the possible dangers posed by high voltage, testing the high voltage battery requires particular care.

In order to avoid later warranty costs, it is particularly important not only to carry out an intensive mechanical and electrical test of the fully assembled high voltage battery, but also to subject the individual battery modules to a comprehensive electrical test prior to installation in the high volt-age battery and to document these test results.

  • Overcharge protection: High voltage insulation test according to UN standard ECE R100 to identify assembly errors and damaged insulation
  • Mechanical integrity: leakage test of the internal cooling circuits of the battery system and the battery casing against fluids entering
  • Thermal protection: High voltage charge and discharge test to locate contact resistances by means of thermographic image analysis
  • Test of safety mechanisms: Validation of the temperature sensors and simulation of error patterns as a check of the safety-relevant self-test functions of the BMS
  • Firmware revision: Verification and flashing of the firmware of the battery control unit before installation to ensure that the battery is configured to match the vehicle.


PRODIS.TrueBattery: Testing and commissioning of high-voltage batteries

With PRODIS.TrueBattery we provide a solution for the testing and commissioning of battery packs and battery modules for electric vehicles, customized to fulfill your requirements.

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High Voltage Battery Tester (HVBT)

The High Voltage Battery Tester (HVBT) verifies the safety requirements for high-voltage batteries and battery modules. In addition, the HVBT ensures the function of the batteries and prepares them for installation.

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