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Smart Diagnostics Grid

In digital automobile production, all vehicles are permanently online and communicate with the production infrastructure via a backend. The DSA circulating test system Smart Diagnostics Grid enables vehicles to be permanently connected with the infrastructure during the entire configuration and diagnostics process. The Smart Diagnostics Grid thus ensures more transparency and efficiency in automobile production.

The integration of the vehicle into the existing plant IT is made possible by means of DSA circulating adapters (either in the Lean Diagnostics Edge or Smart Diagnostics Edge concept), which remain plugged into the vehicle over several production cycles and establish a continuous WLAN communication with the test computer. While in the Lean Diagnostics Edge approach (e.g. with the DSA WDI-2X) the vehicle is connected to the component for sequence execution via Wi-Fi and the sequence execution is running on a related hardware computer at the production line or on a computer center on a virtualized tester, the Smart Diagnostics Edge is a circulating tester with integrated test sequence execution (e.g. DSA smartMDI).

In vehicles that are already equipped with the DSA Connected Vehicle Onboard Diagnostic software stack (with the core components PRODIS.PDU and PRODIS.MCD), the Onboard Diagnostics Edge integrated into the vehicle allows integration of the vehicle directly into the test system. The execution of the test procedure can take place both in the vehicle itself and externally.

The concept of the Smart Diagnostics Grid enables the more flexible distribution of diagnostic scopes and their continuous monitoring throughout the entire production process of the vehicle in the assembly plants.

The circulating test system is controlled by the control logic in PRODIS.PlantHUB, which is the central element of the circulating test system.

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DSA Diagnostic Stack in Different Operating Concepts

Nowadays, there is a multitude of different possibilities for flashing, configuring, calibrating, setting up and diagnosing vehicles or their control units in vehicle production lines. Depending on the particular use case and the performance of the vehicle’s on-board computer, the various aspects of a test client can be distributed to different components:


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