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In production, all vehicles must be filled with various substances—from the brake fluid and the engine coolant to the intended refrigerant for the air conditioning and the compressed air for the vehicle’s air suspension. Here, an accurate implementation of the filling processes allows to move the vehicle by oneself from the production line to the next production stations, the test benches.

Our Multi-Function Tester MFT-3 supports the highly complex processes during the filling process and is the best partner of the filling systems: The device guides the operator through the process, communicates with the facilities via established communication protocols, provides them with process parameters and receives the process data and the evaluation of the filling processes.

During the filling process, the MFT-3 can perform further tasks, e.g. the flash programming or testing of the control units installed in the vehicle at that time. The advantage of this solution lies in the OEM’s possibility of independently adapting the process and to parameterize the desired additional functions.

The data collected during the filling process is stored and analyzed in PRODIS.Server whereby the quality assurance and optimization of the process control is ensured.


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