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Module and Component Tests

Amendment and reworking of already built-in components is time-consuming and expensive. Therefore extensive function tests are appropriate to detect quality defects or malfunction directly during component assembly.
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Testing and commissioning of high-voltage batteries

The high voltage battery is the most expensive and at the same time the most important component in electric vehicles. In view of the possible dangers posed by high voltage, testing the high voltage battery requires particular care.

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Flash Programming and Coding in Production

Each brand new ECU originally contains data, programs and an operating system. These data can be modified via diagnostic communication with the ECU.
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Quality Assurance / Data Logistics

OEMs rely on the latest quality and repair information from the plants and the service organization. We support the OEM with development and provision of a data logistic infrastructure.
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Process Enhancement

With excellent process knowledge and innovative hardware and software solutions, DSA was able to advise and accompany numerous OEMs to attain their ambitious rationalization targets. In the meantime DSA also supports customers from other industrial sectors.
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Smart Diagnostic Grid

The concept of the Smart Diagnostics Grid enables the more flexible distribution of diagnostic scopes and their continuous monitoring throughout the entire production process of the vehicle in the assembly plants.
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Big Data Analytics

The ability to analyze the huge amounts of data, that arise during the vehicle life cycle, with analytical methods in order to derive valuable insights is a significant competitive factor.
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End-of-Line Test

Diagnostic solutions with operator interaction support the central quality check at the end of line and make sure that the vehicle has been manufactured according to the manufacturer specification and configured according to the customer requirements.
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Test Bench Coupling

Without having to involve all test bench manufacturers, changes on the vehicle with regard to type, equipment, and electric/electronic parameters can be parameterized independently by the OEM.
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Our diagnostic solutions support the highly complex processes during the filling process and can perform further tasks, e.g. the flash programming or testing of the ECUs installed in the vehicle at that time.
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Roller Test Bench

The diagnostic communication to the control units, the control of the test bench and the performance of the test prorgam as well as the operator guidance can be realized with DSA testers.
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Wheel and Light Alignment and ADAS

DSA test systems control the test bench coupling for the wheel and light alignment as well as the calibration of the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).
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Guided Production Processes

We keep an eye on future developments in automotive production and have developed appropriate solutions, which provide the simplification and flexibilization of processes in the automotive production.
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Flash Programming and Coding in After-sales

While in production the challenge is to flash and encode many ECUs simultaneously in a short time, in the after-sales area the efficient and global data logistics is essential.
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Web-based Data Distribution

Supplying software and diagnostic data to a worldwide repair shop or service network is aspecial task. Using a web-based platform is less expensive and more flexible and beyond that provides better control over legal use.
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Guided Diagnostics

Even for experts troubleshooting is not always simple. Therefore guided diagnostics can assist the worker in troubleshooting. Guided diagnostics determines possible causes based on error symptoms and their coherence and guides the worker step by step through defect characteristics and repair.
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Remote Diagnosis and Telematics

Monitoring of agricultural vehicles and transportation fleets to detect defective systems or critical situations saves time and money.
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Predictive Maintenance

The strong integration of diagnostics capabilities in the vehicle, coupled with big data analytics, allows notifying the driver of problems before they actually occur.
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Firmware Update over-the-air

Pushing updates to the vehicle at any time opens up new possibilities for both the manufacturer and the customer.
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Customer Binding / Software as a Product

Vehicle connectivity enhances customer binding through vehicle optimization and custom offers.
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