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Wireless Diagnostic Interface WDI-2X

The Wireless Diagnostic Communication Interface WDI-2 establishes a connection between the on-board electronic network of the vehicle and an external diagnostic application. The compact device is connected to the vehicle and contacts the test computer via WLAN or Bluetooth.

The integrated battery enables a continuous execution of the diagnostic application, even in the absence of power supply or when changing vehicles.

Configuration of the WDI-2X is done via an optional adapter cable, which connects the OBD interface to a PC.

Software and hardware of the WDI-2X support all current vehicle buses and diagnostic protocols via the D-PDU-API standard/PRODIS.PDU (ISO 22900-2):

  • UDS on CAN
  • OBD on CAN and K line
  • KWP2000 on ISO-TP, TP2.0, TP1.6 and K line
  • KW1281 on TP1.6 and K line
  • SAE J1939
  • DoIP according to ISO 13400

Besides “classic CAN”, the WDI-2X is prepared for CAN-FD support.

The OBD plug insert of the WDI-2X can be configured customer-specifically and thus realizes easy adaption to the assignment of the vehicle interface. Adapter cables for variant vehicle connectors can be connected if required. There is a cable identification function (“cable select”) to identify such adapters if the cable supports this function.


  • Parallel diagnostic processes with arbitrary combination of protocols and bus systems
  • MVCI-compatible
  • Prepared for CAN-FD
  • Switchable physical interfaces to cover different vehicle models

  • Convenient configuration via web frontend
  • Full integration in the PRODIS tool suite
  • Robust housing appropriate for industrial environment according to IP54
  • Low weight
  • Easy handling

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