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The Telematics and Diagnostics Unit for Commercial Vehicles and Trailers

“Where are my goods?"
“Does the cooling of my cooling trailer work properly?“
“In what condition is the trailer?“

This and more telemetry information is delivered by the DSA VCG via a mobile online connection to portals which can be viewed and evaluated by dispatchers.

Find below an overview about the main functionality of our VCG.

Geolocation for efficient Fleet Disposition and Status Monitoring

  • Continuous transmission of position and movement data based on GPS data
  • Insight in further information, e.g. position history, status, speed and direction of travel

Remote Diagnostics and Flash Programming for Predictive Maintenance

  • Recording important parameters (Vehicle State of Health), e.g. fuel consumption, tire pressure, ECU’s firmware version
  • Alerts when critical conditions are reached
  • Information when new firmware updates are available
  • Easy firmware update of VCG and ECUs remotely via Firmware Update Over-the-Air (FOTA)

Highly Ruggedized Hardware and Battery Technology

  • IP6K9K certified enclosure: dust tight and protected for high pressure/steam jet cleaning
  • Operating temperature -30 °C to +70 °C
  • Storage temperature -40 C to +85 °C

Real-Time Temperature Monitoring for optimal Quality Assurance

  • Electronic availability of data: Recording and transmission of temperature data of common cooling systems and connected sensors (wired and/or wireless)
  • Active control of the cooling system, e.g. changes of temperature settings
  • Adjustable alerts in case of temperature changes, e.g. threshold events
  • Legally approved temperature documentation through certification according to EN12830

Wireless VCI for Easy Diagnostic Access

  • Connection to workshop diagnostic testers or flash systems via standards including ISO22900-2 (D-PDU API) and SAE 23534 (PassThru)
  • No additional VCI hardware required for diagnostics

    Integrated High-Performance Battery for Reliable Anti-Theft Protection

    • Integrated battery enables transmission of position and status when supply voltage is switched off

    Remote Door Monitoring for reliable Protection of valuable Goods

    • Remote control of the door-locking system through the connection to door sensors
    • Monitoring of loading and unloading times
    • Record of movements via an internal acceleration sensor

    Real-time Monitoring of EBS Data for Operational Safety and Service

    • Live monitoring, transmission and storage of technical data from the chassis, e.g. axle loads, tire pressure, ABS events, etc.
    • Alerts in case of critical threshold values

    Registration of Coupling Status via Connection to the Electronic Braking System

    • Information on truck-trailer combination
    • Facilitates fleet management optimization

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