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Vehicle Connectivity Gateway VCG

Our Vehicle Connectivity Gateway (VCG) proves to be a true all-rounder among the telematics units: Integrated in trailers as well as in agricultural machinery from various manufacturers and connected to different portals, the DSA VCG provides a wide range of diagnostic and telemetry information via mobile online connection to make the work of dispatchers, contractors and farmers more efficient and transparent. For this, the VCG comes with the following communication mechanisms:

  • GSM/UMTS Internet connection to the portal
  • GPS/GLONASS satellite position detection
  • WLAN for local diagnostics & additional functions
  • One-Wire, RS232, digital and analog input for communication with sensors/transmitters
  • CAN and Ethernet for ECU communication and diagnostics

The VCG is a full-featured VCI with ISOBUS-enabled D-PDU API interface (PRODIS.PDU) as well as PassThru functionality. Via RS232 and Ethernet, external devices can be connected and use the VCG as a telemetry unit. In addition, a connection to various portals, e.g. Microsoft Azure-based platforms, is possible. DSA provides trailer and machine manufacturers with a development environment which makes it possible to develop own applications for the VCG.


The Telematics and Diagnostics Unit for Commercial Vehicles and Trailers

From vehicle location and temperature monitoring to remote diagnostics—in the commercial vehicle sector, our VCG offers a wide range of functions for efficient disposition and status monitoring of your vehicles.

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The Telematics and Diagnostics Unit for Agricultural Machinery

Besides ISOBUS telematics, our VCG supports the recording and evaluation of extensive diagnostic data, thus enabling an integrated lifecycle management—on the way to agriculture 4.0.

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  • Cyclical transmission of the GPS position to various portals for an efficient disposition of commercial vehicles, trailers as well as agricultural machines
  • Readout of relevant vehicle data via WLAN connection
  • Gathering the machine condition enables remote monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • Easy firmware update from afar via Firmware Update Over-the-Air (FOTA)

  • An integrated battery ensures the transmission of position and status even when the supply voltage is switched off.
  • An internal acceleration sensor records movements and serves theft protection.
  • A provided development environment allows the creation of own device applications.

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