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Runtime System PRODIS.WTS

PRODIS.WTS is the flexible diagnostic and flash runtime system for all vehicle service purposes. It runs in more than 18,000 installations worldwide in dealerships of machine and vehicle OEMs. Its flexibility in accommodating specific workflows and CI requirements as well as its full support for ASAM standards MCD-3D and ODX, ISO standard 22900 and SAE standard J2534 make it a future-ready tool that also supports all known requirements of Euro 5/6 and Euro V/VI legislation.

PRODIS.WTS is designed for high speed and allows for parallel communication with all ECUs in the vehicle.

Features like guided diagnostics, schematics, document references, workflows, and many more are available. An integrated web browser enables the technician to directly access after-sales applications like parts catalogs or parts order.


  • PRODIS.WTS is economical with system resources while retaining high-performance at the same time.
  • Because of the integrated MCD-3D kernel, PRODIS.WTS is compatible with the following standards: ASAM MCD-2D/ODX (ISO 22901), ASAM MCD-3D (ISO 22900-3) and D-PDU API/PRODIS.PDU (ISO 22900-2).

  • Diagnostic data and applications developed in PRODIS.Authoring are interpreted or executed by PRODIS.WTS. These data, including ODX and OTX data, are efficiently and consistently received and updated through PRODIS.Share.
  • PRODIS.ASCS (After-Sales Core System) contains all characteristic features of basic diagnostics like read/write identifications, read measurement values, execute routines/actuators and read/clear DTCs.

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