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Runtime System PRODIS.RTS

PRODIS.RTS is the high-performance diagnostic runtime system for engineering and production areas. PRODIS.RTS is built in a platform-independent and modular manner. Its use spans application areas throughout the diagnostic life cycle.

PRODIS.RTS interprets diagnostic data and performs diagnostic applications, which are created with PRODIS.Automation. Test sequences and additional resources are managed by the PRODIS.Server system for distribution to multiple testers.

PRODIS.RTS is applied successfully in automotive high-volume manufacturing plants with an overall capacity of more than 100,000 vehicles per day.


  • Interfaces to drive peripheral devices and test benches are integrated into PRODIS.RTS
  • Because of its lean architecture PRODIS.RTS is economical with system resources while retaining high-performance at the same time.
  • Diagnostic data and applications developed in PRODIS.Automation are interpreted or executed by PRODIS.RTS.
  • PRODIS.RTS can be conveniently configured and updated through PRODIS.Control.

  • Via integrated MCD-3D kernel and GDI driver stack PRODIS.RTS is compatible with the standards ASAM MCD-2D/ODX (ISO 22901), ASAM MCD-3D (ISO 22900-3), D-PDU API/PRODIS.PDU (ISO 22900-2), and ASAM GDI 4.3.2
  • PRODIS.PDCS (Production Core System) provides a full, sample implementation of a production plant.

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