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Remote-Controlled Power Supply RCPS2

The RCPS2 is used as power supply for a test system e.g. cockpit / door tester or for complete vehicles without battery. It comes into operation whenever diagnostic tests with a Multi-Function Tester MFT or another WLAN operating DSA test device is required and the device under test must be provided with power.

The RCPS2 contains a WLAN module that is accessed via the test sequences on the MFT. This allows for activating the main relay, setting the over-current barrier, querying the over-current status, monitoring temperature and measuring voltage and current.  

Different safety mechanisms protect the user and the device under test: In case the WLAN communication is interrupted, the voltage can be switched on and off independent of the superordinate system via an additional remote control. It is also possible to connect an adaptation recognition. In case of a short circuit the over-current protection is automatically activated.


  • Easy setup and servicing
  • Simple system integration

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