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Radio Microphone ICS-MIC4

The ICS-MIC4 radio microphone is used for the automated testing of the vehicle’s infotainment components like loudspeaker, USB connectors, Auxiliary connectors, hands-free kits (in conjunction with GSM tester).

It is connected with the associated docking station by an IEEE 802.15.4 radio system. The docking station is equipped with a LAN connector which enables the docking station to be controlled by a superordinate diagnostic test system. The commands are transmitted to the radio microphone via IEEE 802.15.4 radio.

An audio test signal which is modulated on a VHF carrier is emitted on the loudspeaker group under test. The ICS-MIC4 analyzes the speaker signal and sends the test results to the superordinate diagnostic test system. For testing USB/Auxiliary connections the ICS-MIC4 is connected to the sockets in the vehicle by way of interchangeable cables.


  • No additional components such as PC required. It can be directly controlled from a superordinate diagnostic test system.
  • In contrast to conventional radio microphone systems no transmission of audio data via UHF channel is necessary. So a UHF receiver and analysis PC can be dropped, also no licensing of UHF channels is required.

  • Any number of ICS-MIC4/MIC4LN systems can be operated simultaneously without conflicting interference (provided that there are enough free VHF channels).
  • Objective and repeatable test results
  • Reduction of cabling and cable runs


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