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PRODIS.PlantHUB – Managing the Smart Diagnostics Grid!

PRODIS.PlantHUB is our central control and visualization tool of the PRODIS system for circulating test systems in automotive production.

PRODIS.PlantHUB enables the central control and monitoring of production environments. For this purpose, it coordinates test clients, which possibly consist of single components, and ensures that the right test plans are applied to different test locations and components. These components are dynamically linked by PRODIS.PlantHUB and the test plans are executed at the right time.

PRODIS.PlantHUB monitors all diagnostic components as well as their current status, receives and tracks position information of the vehicles and keeps track of which VCI is plugged into which vehicle— thus it allows the central control of any number of activities at the production line.

In addition, PRODIS.PlantHUB supports non-worker operation by allocating test plans to specific areas of the production line and triggering them without human interaction when a vehicle enters this area.

HMI management also allows various visualization and interaction devices to connect to running tests.

PRODIS.PlantHUB allows...

  • the assignment and tracking of VCI and vehicle
  • the recording and visualization of vehicle positions in the line
  • a VCI connection monitoring
  • the automatic start of tests (test plans)

  • the monitoring of the vehicle status
  • the assignment of visualization devices to vehicles or tests (HMI management)
  • a comprehensive system monitoring: display and logging of tester and VCI status

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