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Multi-Function Tester with Steering Wheel Balance MFT-D2X-LK

The MFT-D2X-LK profits from all the benefits the Multi-Function Tester MFT-D2X. In addition an integrated steering wheel balance measures the steering angle for vehicle chassis adjustment. A high-precision inclinometer allows for accurate angular measurement.


Sophisticated Locking Mechanism

The MFT-D2X-LK can be attached to the steering wheel easily and securely and can be detached in the same simple way.

Locking adjustable in Height

Thanks to height adjustable rollers the MFT-D2X-LK can be adapted to different steering wheel shapes.


  • Device can be used in any location, including outside of assembly or production areas
  • Stand-alone operation possible
  • Parallel testing cuts testing time to a minimum
  • Transfer times in assembly area can be used for testing and programming
  • Application software can be created by means of PRODIS.Automation.

  • Integrates fully into existing IT infrastructure
  • Minimal installation effort
  • Patented process preventing interference with airbag (European Patent No. 0939890; US Patent 6,305,217)
  • Robust housing appropriate for industrial environments

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