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Integrated solution for the concrete and construction material industries BetoSys

BetoSys assists you in all aspects of ready-mix concrete production and delivery. BetoSys offers tools for:

  • Management of prospective clients, tenders and building projects
  • Management of clients, construction sites, suppliers and products
  • Order management
  • Fleet management
  • Plant management and monitoring
  • Raw material testing and management

BetoSys consists of a number of separate software modules that tap into a shared master database. Time-consuming multiple input of data is now a thing of the past. BetoSys comes with a wealth of functions for the comprehensive management of autonomous companies within a corporate group, or independent organisational units in a single system installation. All modules are multi-client capable.

All BetoSys modules work hand in hand for optimised efficiency. If you wish to use only certain functions and features of BetoSys, we will customise the modules accordingly. For the integration of the solution into your existing system environment, we use existing interfaces. This makes it possible to operate individual modules as stand-alone applications, or in conjunction with third-party solutions.

Sales information system BetoVis

With BetoVis, you acquire a powerful sales tool for efficient customer relationship management, customer acquisition and tendering as well as order confirmation. BetoVis has been specially devised to manage large-scale or long-term projects where meticulous planning is a must. Have you been approached by a potential customer? Or have you become aware of a construction project that you would like to become involved in? With BetoVis, you have the option to enter all relevant data in a database of potential clients and projects for follow-up. As the details become clearer, you can update the information and time schedules.

After you have won the contract, all price agreements at customer and construction site level can be managed in BetoVis. An overview of existing contracts can be generated with a few mouse clicks. You thus have pricing details, forecasts and delivery schedules at your fingertips. BetoVis thereby uses the net and list prices stored in your system and supports absolute and percentage discounts. Where applicable, plant and area discounts as well as daily prices can be stored and used in the relevant calculations.


  • Sales of ready-mix concrete, mortar, bulk materials and pumps
  • Billing data input
  • Generation of tenders and order confirmations
  • Calculation of sales prices and quantity discounts
  • Specific payments terms for customers and construction sites
  • Wholesaler, customer and project tracking
  • Credit warning system
  • Market observation


  • Integrated text processing
  • Versatile tender layouts
  • Scheduling of follow-up, submission and contract data
  • Contact management
  • Integrated module for queries by construction site, customer, project, offer, etc.
  • Reporting tool for specific queries
  • Data export to Microsoft standard applications

Planning system BetonPlan

Use BetonPlan to plan your transport and mixing capacities and to confirm deliveries. The user-friendly program caters for large-scale projects as well as for small collection orders.

Scheduling and planning can be done centrally or separately at the individual plants. Thanks to the centralised database, all key information is accessible when and where you need it to respond quickly to customer demands. You can thus off er a better service while saving money.

Orders for small projects and collection orders can be entered directly in the BetonPlan order management system. Customers can place orders by phone, in writing or via the internet. All order details entered in BetonPlan are available in the other BetoSys modules. The data from dockets accompanying incoming deliveries for cement, fly ash, sand, gravel and additives is entered and forwarded to financial accounting, so that the necessary commodities are managed automatically based on stock levels and demand.

BetonPlan enables you to optimise the deployment of your vehicles, to minimise downtimes and to meet agreed delivery times. The turnaround times of vehicles, including loading delays, driving times to and from the point of delivery, exact unloading times and potential queueing times are calculated and logged with great accuracy. The logistics data can be visualised at a push of a button.

If your vehicles are equipped with telemetric units, the shipping data can be sent directly to the driver, while the GPS location of the vehicle is transmitted to head office and shown on a map.


  • Concrete planning system
  • Mortar planning system
  • Pump planning system
  • Material planning


  • Logging of actual production figures
  • Drive time scheduling based on daytime and historic data
  • GPS tracking, wireless communication
  • Reduced transport costs
  • Faster billing
  • Elimination of overtime
  • Greater delivery dependability
  • Improved quality
  • Fast access to accurate information for your customer and sales advisers

Dosing and production system BetoCon

The automatic dosing and production system BetoCon enables you to control your concrete production processes. All relevant information is available at a glance. Intuitive icons and a well-designed interface were among the key requirements for this module.

Thanks to extensive field tests and user feedback, we have been able to optimise the program interface to make it even more user-friendly. Controls for the most common tasks are displayed the moment the program starts. All menu options are easily accessible and a few mouse-clicks are enough to call up the information you need. With BetoCon, you can boost your productivity while resting assured that all product standards are met.

BetoCon receives the data required for production from the BetonPlan planning module, which also generates the relevant delivery docket. Everything happens automatically so that the concrete mixing technician on site only needs to monitor the production run.

With BetoCon, you are also equipped for emergencies: Should data communication fail, BetoCon simply compiles a contingency production program.


  • Configuration of mixing plants without the need for programming skills
  • Industrial PC
  • Mixing process control with real-time operating system
  • Integration into various field bus systems
  • Controller unit with PTB/NMI and MID approval


  • Adjustable production processes
  • Production of top-quality concrete
  • Suitable for wide range of production methods
  • Preventive maintenance
  • High dosing accuracy thanks to self-learning algorithms
  • High availability due to redundant control computer

Billing system BetoFakt

Developed specifically for suppliers of ready-mix concrete and other construction materials, BetoFakt bundles all relevant order data for billing purposes. If required, bills can be sent electronically and are archived automatically.

By automating the steps of the billing process, BetoFakt does away with time-consuming data input and transfer tasks. The invoice data is automatically forwarded to financial accounting, allowing for up-to-date customer account statements. Discounts and commission credits are applied automatically by the system.

For settlement with your transport contractors, our solution automatically generates remittance advices for easy assignment of payments to jobs.

The module comes of course with a wide range of statistical and reporting tools for detailed analyses of order processes.


  • Invoicing for ready-mix concrete, mortar, bulk materials and pumps
  • Freight invoicing
  • Commission calculations for customers
  • Commission payments for sales staff
  • Plant settlements with affiliated companies
  • Tower charges for companies
  • Flexible pricing
  • Input of third-party delivery dockets and invoices


  • Invoice type configurable based on customer and construction site
  • Various integration options for financial accounting packages
  • Credit assessment and open item monitoring
  • User-defi ned invoicing intervals for customers and customer groups
  • Up-to-date reports for corporate management

Professional telemetric solution BetoTrack

BetoTrack keeps track of your fleet. BetoTrack is a state-of-the art software solution for the logistics sector, combining the advanced features and functionalities of our communications and diagnostic solutions.

The full version of the module consists of three elements. At the module’s core, we have a telemetric unit installed in the vehicle. It tracks the movements and state of the vehicle and might be combined with an optional car PC. You can access the live tracking data through the BetoTrack web portal, which also provides tools and screens for driver rostering and general fleet management. If the vehicle is equipped with an optional car PC, the job details (including GPS coordinates, contact details, etc.) can be sent straight to the car PC, so that the driver has access to the latest data.

The BetoTrack web portal can be accessed from all current terminal devices (PC, laptop, smartphone). The module comes with interfaces for the integration of existing planning systems, thus supporting fully digitised order management.


  • DSA telemetric module (for installation in vehicle)
  • DSA car PC (optional)
  • Web portal solution with live tracking module and tools for driver rostering and integrated fleet management.
  • Delivery docket data management
  • Time tracking for payroll
  • Driver card evaluation
  • Measurement of moisture


  • Centralised or locally hosted portal server
  • Visualisation of current vehicle position
  • Evaluation of driving styles re. economy
  • Determination of vehicle status
  • Communication with driver, printing options
  • Vehicle statistics
  • Maintenance scheduling

Lab management system BetoLab

BetoLab has been developed specifically for internal and external inspections in concrete testing labs. Apart from recording all quality-relevant data, BetoLab evaluates the formulations, with due regard to limits defined in the applicable quality standards and guidelines.

By devising grade lists for individual construction sites, all formulations for a project can be saved under a single name. Concrete formulations can thus be called up and reproduced with a simple mouse-click. New formulations are however only distributed to other programs after they have been formally released.

BetoLab also assists you in monitoring the cycles for the production of test specimens.


  • Lab management system for single- and multi-plant operation
  • Raw material testing and management
  • Grading curve calculation
  • Concrete formulations according to EN 206
  • Grouping of formulations for statistical quality assurance
  • Fresh and hardened concrete testing
  • Generation of test reports, quality and other certificates
  • Creation of graded lists and mixing instructions
  • Compilation of quality statistics


  • Internal and external inspection
  • Compliance with external and internal quality guidelines
  • Concrete formulations based on plant-specific ingredients
  • Raw material calculation

Web-Based Customer Portal BetoShop

The customer portal BetoShop allows easy and fast ordering and delivery tracking of ready-mix concrete. All orders are made and managed online in the web shop.

Right from the building site or after office hours: Orders, modifications or cancellations can be made regardless of time and place. And without calling the dispatching office.

BetoShop is useful in two ways: easy ordering and processing of simple orders, as well as freeing up capacity for swift and reliable processing of complex and comprehensive requests and transactions.

The solution is easy to integrate into the scheduling process, all orders can be adjusted at any time. Orders can be made 24 hours a day, independent of office hours, even at short notice. This leads to a higher customer satisfaction.


  • Reduced workload for dispatchers
  • Easy to integrate
  • Simple to use
  • Intuitive user guidance and input assistance
  • Orders possible 24/7
  • All orders and deliveries are easy to track
  • Web-based and platform-independent


  • Individual configurations for different user groups
  • Product catalogue and list of sorts for individual building sites
  • Option of renting a pump
  • Address book with building site addresses
  • Confirmation of incoming orders with all purchase information by mail
  • Status notification and delivery tracking via mobile app or text message
  • Detailed history of orders and deliveries


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