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HMI Applications

Our newly developed HMI applications support an optimized and efficient procedure within production: Performed on portable computer systems, so-called wearables (e.g. smartglasses, smartwatches) or tablets, the applications guide operators electronically through various production processes and enable operator interaction.

While our “Assembly Instruction“ application guides operators electronically through the entire assembly of the vehicle components, our newly developed “HMI Test Bench“ system is a clever alternative to the previous, screen-based implementation of end of line tests. Operators receive relevant information just in time and is able to move freely at the line or on the test bench.

Furthermore, our checklist app substitutes the paper-based visual inspection of the vehicle at the end of line by digitally recording quality data and sending it immediately to a server. This server collects all results and correlates them with further quality data of the vehicle. Besides significant time savings, systematic and semi-automated analysis of the result data is enabled.

Ensuring assembly parts, which are stored in a large warehouse, are available at the production line is no problem with our pick list app: An available pick list gives instruction as to which parts are to be picked, validates the correct removal by comparing part numbers and allows the digital processing of the results.


  • Simplification of working conditions due to ergonomic operation
  • Flexible movement of the operators at the testing site
  • Optimal presentation of information and improved documentation

  • Time and cost savings
  • Error minimization
  • Digital recording of data and server storage
  • Digital processing of result data

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