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Fast Infrared Access Point FIRAP2

The FIRAP2 (Fast Infrared Access Point) is a stationary infrared access for the fast infrared communication between a mobile test instrument and a stationary test computer. Through its embedded PC the FIRAP2 is able to independently establish the connection with the test device.

For integration into automated production environments, the FIRAP2 has an Ethernet connection via standard interface (RJ45). The communication is handled via TCP/IP protocol, where the Ethernet packets are converted to infrared protocol and vice versa. More interfaces are available for the connection of additional components.


  • Connection of DSA test systems with test stands of other manufacturers (gear adjustment, roller test bech, etc.)
  • Transformer between TCP (Ethernet, WLAN or ppp/IrDA) and serial connected devices (via USB-Dongle or directly with FIRAP2x)
  • Infrared Access Point for mobile devices (e.g. MFT) to the local area network

  • Generic Infrared Access point to the local network for any IrDA enabled device
  • The XIR model is applicable with heat-absorbing glass

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