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Diagnostic Kernel PRODIS.MCD

DSA is a leading company in the area of diagnostic data format and software interface standardisation. The following standards were developed under leadership and intensive collaboration of DSA diagnostic experts.

  • ASAM MCD-2D / ODX (ISO 22901-1)
  • ASAM MCD-3D (ISO 22900-3)
  • D-PDU API/PRODIS.PDU (ISO 22900-2)

The know-how gained during the standardisation effort has been incorporated into the development of the high-performance MCD-3D diagnostic kernel PRODIS.MCD.

Kernel Features

Platform independence
The kernel is implemented in ANSI C++ and can thus be compiled for any platform featuring an appropriate compiler

PRODIS.MCD is equipped with all currently standardised ASAM reference implementations (Java, C++, DCOM) and can thus be integrated into diagnostic applications with various technologies.

The Kernel is installed on a PC via an install shield and can instantaneously be fed and tested with real ODX data via a small utility.

PRODIS.MCD’s memory management reads the needed diagnostic data on demand and in a fine-grained manner from disk, thus protecting memory resources.

PRODIS.MCD communicates with vehicle communication interfaces (e.g. DSA’s MDI-G4, SmartMDI or WDI-2, Vector’s CANCardX or ETAS’ MDI) through the standardised D-PDU API/PRODIS.PDU.

The diagnostic kernel has a high-performance rate; up to 300 diagnostic services can be executed per second.


  • PRODIS.MCD is compatible to DSA test equipment, e.g. the DSA MDI-G4, SmartMDI, WDI-2 or MFT-3 but also to other vendor’s test equipment, if this supports the D-PDU API

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