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Data Distribution Platform PRODIS.Share

PRODIS.Share is a state-of-the-art scalable web-based platform to distribute software and diagnostic data to dealerships globally. It supports the initial roll-out of tester software and vehicle-related diagnostic data packages as well as their respective updates. PRODIS.Share has been employed to roll-out after-sales tester software and data to more than 20.000 dealerships around the globe.

PRODIS.Share integrates with PRODIS.Authoring and PRODIS.WTS, and provides the required back-end for the distribution of data, validation of users, piracy protection, and feedback gathering.

PRODIS.Share is not limited to the distribution of DSA data. It is possible to distribute also additional legacy software and offline documentation.


  • Software distribution with tolerance against Internet connection interrupts and intelligent reconnection
  • SmartStart technology for an installation-free distribution of diagnostic applications and diagnostic data to the workshop testers
  • Option to distribute additional applications or data (PDF reader, diagrams)
  • Authentication interface to integrate Web Portal solutions based on SAML standards
  • Protection against piracy and misuse by means of an integrated license server

  • Waiving physical media clearly reduces distribution costs.
  • Safe encoding of server data and during transmission by using the industry standard SSL
  • PRODIS.Share allows economic use of system resources but also offers high performance at the same time.
  • Diagnostic applications and diagnostic data built with PRODIS.Authoring can be distributed via PRODIS.Share and processed on the devices with PRODIS.WTS.

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