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Data Analysis Tool PRODIS.Insight

PRODIS.Insight is our tool for data analysis in the production area. It assists in analysis of diagnostics data collected both of the operative and the historical database of PRODIS.Server. PRODIS.Insight extends PRODIS.Server or rather PRODIS.Control and does not require local installation as it is operated through a web interface.

While PRODIS.Control has its focus on automatic statistics evaluation, PRODIS.Insight provides interactive analysis of collected diagnostics and process data by data drill-down as well as process monitoring by way of user-configurable schemes (dashboards).

During the interactive data analysis in PRODIS.Insight, the search for possible error causes is done based on highly aggregate and filtered data, refining their evalutation step by step in the direction of a concrete diagnosis step (drill-down). In order to support different user groups and use cases at the best, PRODIS.Insight provides the creation of user-configurable dashboards that contain several sorts of information and different visualizations.


  • Interactive data analysis by means of data drill-down
  • Preconfigured dashboards for the most common use cases
  • User-defined dashboards can be created from ready-made components and can be forwarded to other users

  • Dashboards are automatically updated as soon as the underlying data change. That way also control station displays can be implemented.

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