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Charging Stations LS3

According to the configuration the charging station LS3 is used

  • as storage for one to three DSA Multi-Function Testers MFT-3 and for charging MFT batteries outside the test area
  • as storage and for charging of one to three Intelligent Current Probes ICP-3
  • as data supply

The charging stations are also available as combined charging station that, besides the MFT charging racks, provide an equal number of charging blocks for Intelligent Current Probes ICP-3. 

Equipped for Multi-Function Testers MFT the LS3 consists of a base board with rubber footing, one, two, or three MFT charging racks and a power supply. The double and triple type come with a power supply that has an additional heat sink attached to the casing. In the configuration for ICP-3 instead of MFT charging racks the corresponding charging blocks are installed on the LS3 base board.

The LS3 can be equipped with an optional connector to transfer large volumes of data to the MFT via Ethernet.


  • Safe storage of devices outside the test area
  • Controlling battery charge

  • Transfer of large volumes of data to the MFT-3

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